Microtunneling Bradshaw Company Maryland TUNNELING SPECIALISTS SINCE 1963      


Microtunneling is state of the art remote-controlled pipe jacking by computer.  One person above ground operates the computer system to advance and steer the MTBM, jack the pipe, and excavate the soils. One pass pipe jacking is…

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TBM tunneling has been evolving for over 100 years and has truly become efficient and dependable over the past 35 years.  North America has the best TBM manufacturers in the world and we own an extensive fleet of their…

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Bradshaw is an industry leader in hand mined utility tunnels.  We began nearly 50 years ago drilling and blasting 60” rock tunnels in Northern Virginia.  We pioneered the use of compressed air tunneling with NATM/SEM in the USA and…

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In this age of increasing urban congestion, where failing sewers are buried beneath busy roadways and layers of utilities, owners are more frequently turning to trenchless pipe rehabilitation as a cost-effective solution…

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Bradshaw Achieves LEED Silver Certification
Bradshaw’s Eldersburg headquarters has qualified for the LEED Silver energy conservation . . .  
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Bradshaw Awarded Contract in Miami
Bradshaw was awarded a $3+ million contract to construct the MDC Thermal Plant Interconnection Project . . .
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Challenge and triumphs of a large-diameter microtunnel relief interceptor sewer in Indianapolis
By Jeremy Morris, James McKelvey, Todd Brown and Sandra Shafer IT&UC Tunneling & Underground Construction . . .
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Driven to Outperform Itself
By Brooke Knudson I Construction Today Quarterly . . .
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Bradshaw Construction Corporation Celebrates 30 Years in Tunneling . . .
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Bradshaw Construction Corporation is a Proud Sponsor of the 5K for Families Race/Walk and Family Fun Event Saturday . . .
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Bradshaw Construction Corporation is a leading contractor in the tunneling industry. With nearly five decades of experience, we've earned respect as technological innovators through the construction of highly difficult tunneling projects. We owe that success to our commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, safety, and earning our clients' trust.

For your next project, let our knowledgeable staff of tunnel engineers and construction professionals create the most cost effective, safest, and highest quality solution for your unique tunneling needs.